How To Use Coupons and Save Money


Sometimes, you will have to rely on luck to get a great deal or you’ll have to stalk different sites and newspaper sales ads. Coupons can be found in a variety of locations including the newspaper and online at various different sites for different companies. Figure out other places to find coupons and how to save money by reading ahead at the contents of this article. However, there’s a ton of great places to get coupons from! With just a little bit of hunting and luck, you’ll find exactly what you need at any given day of the week.

If you don’t have the time for couponing, don’t do it. Going thru pages and pages of coupon circulars can be a time consuming task. Try and calculate how much you save after the first month you use coupons. Becoming a couponer is not for the weary or weak of heart, but do know that you’ll become excited, and possibly addicted, to feeling of being able to save so much money, and able to use your saved money for other things that might need your immediate financial attention.

Ensure that your coupons are the highest possible quality. Companies will frequently offer a number of coupons. In the same newspaper, you might find a coupon for $1.50 off and another for a 50 percent discount. Think about which ones benefit you financially, but you may want to keep them both for two different occasions.

Clip Every Coupon You See To Save Money

Whenever you come across a coupon, you should clip it. Though it may seem pointless, each coupon you clip carries some value. You might find that you need one that you didn’t think you would. Another benefit here is coupon trading. You might find someone wanting your coupons who is willing to give up something you want.

You can play grocery chain competition and tactics to your own benefit. Some stores accept coupons from their competition. When you consider that, you can stop going to all different stores in order to save a few bucks. You may end up canceling out what you’re saving by paying for fuel to look around for stores that only take their coupons. Be sure to look out for sales to help maximize your savings! If done right, you can walk away with saving a ton of money, and even getting items for free! Those are my favorite times in going to shopping — when I’m able to get things for free.

Also, may stores will double your coupon up to a $1 in value! So that $0.50 you have right there? That’s going to save you $1, unless it states that the coupon can not be doubled. Then take a look at the digital coupons that your store may offer. You can stack store coupons with manufacturer coupons!

Does Your Grocery Store Offer Gas Points?

A lot of grocery stores now offer Gas Reward points! Gas reward points add up, and can save your money at the pump. Look at the bottom of your receipt to see how much money you’ve accumulated in gas points!

Before you do a shopping, be sure to look at the sales flyers. There’s normally a gas points multiplier in the front ad section! Always try to utilize them and your coupons in the same transaction to maximize those coupons and money saving trips.

Consider shopping at your local warehouse store to help increase your savings. Warehouse stores provide discounts on bulk items. Many items are reduced when you buy in bulk, and then further reduced when you use a coupon to make that purchase. Also, you can increase your budget after you acquire all the savings associated with warehouse stores.

Increase the effectiveness of your coupons by shopping regularly at places that have favorable coupon policies. Call around and ask each store’s policy. You will find that some offer special days in which coupons are given double their value or even more! Stores often advertise these particular coupons, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Ask family and friends to save their store circulars for you. This will provide you with more resources for your coupons, especially for items you want to stock up on. In order to encourage their support, consider giving back by offering up items you are able to purchase with the coupons.

Create Another Email Addy For Coupon Savings To Stay Organized

Create another email address for newsletters. These often come with great coupon offers. They may, however, cause a lot of unnecessary clutter in your regular inbox. In order to prevent your preferred email account from having tons of junk mail on a regular basis, you should create an email account exclusively for these deals. Check it once every week to see what offers are there.

You can also tag different stores with a different color to stay organized, and then you can even incorporate a digital online calendar app that syncs with different sales and can give you reminders about what’s coming up! This way you will never miss a sale, or lose out on an amazing coupon.

These are great tips that should help you save more on all the items you intend to buy. Now you can put this advice into practice and start saving yourself some money. Remember coupons can be used for a variety of purposes from eating out to shopping.

How To Coupon Tips and Hints

It seems like everywhere you go, that there are extremely successful coupon users. It may seem like such a simple thing to do, but there is a method to their strategy and a lot of thinking and planning goes into a great coupon shopping trip. Their strategy involves more than clipping just a few coupons. It is important to learn where and how to gather your coupons and how best to utilize them. The following article will provide you with tips for this purpose.

Don’t overbuy products you already have enough of at home. You only have but so much storage space. If you have a coupon for a perishable item or even a frozen item that you will not use in a certain period of time, then maybe give them away to a friend or someone else that can use it. The only things that I tend to stock up on are non-perishable items. You can never have enough detergent, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Buy Bulk Newspapers for Coupons

Did you know that some newspapers will offer a couponer’s discount? It’s totally worth asking the newspaper companies about. A lot of papers will discount the Sunday edition if you buy a minimum of 5 copies on a weekly basis. Also, try going to the Dollar Tree Early on Sunday morning, as soon as they open up. They sell their Sunday papers for only $1! Now that’s some great savings if you can get it time before others buy them out. No worries, though…there’s still a limit on how many Sunday papers they’re allowed to buy at one time.

Always Check For Coupon Codes Online

Search for coupon codes for any item purchased online. Frequently, the coupon codes found can save you some money for a particular store. You can check to see what stores we have available for coupon codes and discounts! We have a growing database of coupon codes, so if you don’t see a store you love to shop at, please leave a comment so we can get them up for you!

Do not buy items you will not use just because you have a coupon. If you’re not going to use something, don’t get it even if it’s on sale. Lots of people believe that because they are using coupons, their money is being saved. Buying something you don’t need is a waste.

If you want coupons for prescriptions, try looking at manufacturer websites or on the packages themselves. When the maker knows that the normal cost of their product is high, coupons can help them gain new customers. They may have discounts available if you purchase through them a good bit. There’s a ton of ways to get rebates or even free medicines from the manufacturer company themselves.

To increase your stock of coupons, get comfortable with dumpster diving. You do not have to literally dive in; simply put on some gloves and scavenge a bit through discarded papers to find the inserts. Many, many people simply toss their coupons.

The competitive nature of the grocery business can be used to your advantage. Many times a retailer will accept a coupon from their competitor. I love it when stores take each other’s coupons, and then I love it even more when they price match another store’s cheapest going price on sale in a flyer!

Take Advantage of Deals and Sales with Coupons

When you take advantage of these deals, it helps you to save time and money from having to travel around to many different stores. If you drive to multiple stores, you may end up erasing the savings achieved through couponing. This is why I always give advice of to plan before you go out and buy!

Avoid simply using coupons right when you receive them. To get the most out of your savings,wait until the item you want is on sale, and then use the coupon during the sale. By picking the ideal moment to use a coupon, you can start saving impressive amounts of money.

Use popular search engines to find coupon codes for the items you usually purchase. Before making any online purchase, look for promo codes and coupons. There are coupons and savings that are good for big ticket items, online purchases or even free shipping on items by mail.

Clip Coupons and Save Money

Now that you read this article, you should be aware of how much money people can save when they collect and use coupons the right way. However, the coupon clippers that save the big bucks spend a great deal of time managing this effort. They are organized, and have the sharpest scissors out there. So if you plan on being this type of couponer, then be suer to have an organizational system in place to keep coupons organized by date of expiration product category, and etc.

I hope that you apply this advice to all your future purchases, and you’re sure to get the most out of your budget and your coupon experience. Let’s clip coupons and save us some money!


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